We are PPO, the largest platform for doctors’ professional development in the Netherlands.

Professional Performance Online supports doctors in their pursuit of excellent performance. We provide doctors with evidence-based tools to measure, reflect and improve their professional performance.


The online PPO application offers doctors a portfolio to collect evidence about their individual performance and team performance.

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The research team is constantly working on the development, scientific evidence, and improvement of our systems and tools.

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Our partners support and guide doctors in their professional development. They offer support with feedback or coaching.

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Quality management

It is expected of today’s doctors/physicians/medical specialist to show that they deliver good health care and deliver good doctors for future health care. Knowing how you perform as a doctor or clinical teacher can be gathered from experiences of colleagues, residents and other health care professionals. They can give you feedback about your performance as a doctor as well as a clinical teacher.

About PPO

Professional Performance Online (PPO) is a unique platform that supports doctors and residents to collect performance feedback. This rich information can be used to maintain, sustain and enhance your performance and ultimately to improve the quality of patient care and medical education.

The Professional Performance research team of the Academic Medical centre in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, investigates and develops systems and instruments to assess and enhance doctor’s performance with valid and reliable data. Our team has close contact and collaborates effectively with doctors and residents, to determine what we can do best to improve our tools. Our research focuses on the evaluation and explanation of the quality of education and health care. PPO offers doctors a broad range of tools to evaluate your performance. You can choose between tools to evaluate your clinical performance, teaching performance or your collaboration skills. The security of PPO complies with the most stringent safety requirements.

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